We elevate your business into the era of Artificial Intelligence


We have nothing in mind but to revolutionize conventional process monitoring with expensive line cameras, complex backlighting and costly sensors. The modern methods of artificial intelligence, especially of deep learning, computer vision and powerful computing units, provide us with novel tools, which we extend with our own algorithms to develop robust and reliable solutions for you.

From simple process monitoring, counting parts, controlling their alignment, inspecting component qualities and features, to predictive maintanance to ensure the availability of your machines, we offer a custom solution that can be easily integrated into your existing systems.

deep-learning based computer vision

We change the way of image recognition with help of artificial intelligence

bus and IoT connectivity

We integrate our machine vision system to your existing bus-systems and your IoT-environment

embedded solutions

We run the deep learning algorithms locally in small embedded computing units


We are Latai - Our founders Till and Luca have been developing different prototypes and products in various projects. Be it camera lighting for monitoring salmon in Norway, IoT-capable blood transportation boxes, process monitoring for deep drawing presses and vibrating spiral conveyors, tram brake assistants or a camera system for process control of a global food packaging company.

We had the opportunity to accompany projects in various research institutions and companies / industries in order not only to learn the state of the art, but also to redefine it.

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Aside from our daily projects, we are continuously demonstrating our agile, efficient and innovative workflow by successfully participating in hackathons:

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