We elevate your business into the era of Artificial Intelligence


German engineering meets rapid prototyping and agile product development.

We have nothing less in mind but to revolutionize your product ideas and process monitoring systems and show you the possibilities of state-of-the-art technologies. We extend those novel tools with our own algorithms to develop robust and reliable prototypes and products for your company.

Computer Vision

Well proven computer vision algorithms serve us as a base

Deep Learning

We change the way of image recognition with help of artificial intelligence

Embedded & IoT

The deep learning algorithms run locally on small embedded computing units

Rapid Prototyping

3D-printing, electronic breadboards and laser-cutting are our everyday tools


We are Latai - an R&D company based in Munich Germany. Our team consists of mechanical, electrical and software engineers. The experience on the software side and the engineering background allows us to easily understand your problems and needs and develop the best possible solution for you.

We have been developing different prototypes and products in various projects. Be it camera lighting for monitoring salmon in Norway, IoT-capable blood transportation boxes, process monitoring for deep drawing presses and vibrating spiral conveyors, tram brake assistants or a camera system for process control of a global food packaging company.


In addition to product development as a service, our Team also uses its in-depth product knowledge to develop, manufacture and market products under the latAI brand.

LuftLicht - CO2-Ampel

LuftLicht is the CO2 monitor for reducing Covid-19 infections by displaying the current CO2 level via LEDs.

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Aside from our daily projects, we are continuously demonstrating our agile, efficient and innovative workflow by successfully participating in hackathons:

1st Prize

L&T Technology Services Limited


Challenge Winner

J. Wagner GmbH


2nd Prize

HS Timber Group GmbH


1st Prize

Schwarz IT KG


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Come and join us in our lovely office in the middle of Sendling, Munich. We offer leading-edge projects, a great working environment and your chance to grow with us.

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Working Student: Mechanical Engineering

Working Student/Intern: Marketing

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